How To Effectively Hire and Manage Top Performers

Leroy Hamm is the Founder and President of IHD Corporation. IHD, a leader in pre-screening and personnel development, is a 33-year-old Human Resources services firm that provides pre-employment assessments and management/team development. These resources and others are available to CLN members in our e-Docs resource library.

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How To Manage Excellence

This article was originally published by Simplar, one of our industry partners, and is all about uncovering construction’s best-in-class management practices. The construction industry has always excelled at creating the built environment on the leading edge of modern engineering, design, and technology. However, the construction industry has lagged behind in the adaptation of leading-edge management and organizational processes of modern business enterprises.


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Finishing the Year Profitably

A special message from Tracy Bullock, certified master trainer

Building business and making decisions is no easy undertaking. Especially complicated in 2020, our industry is facing some never-before-seen challenges.

In her upcoming LIVE! Training, Tracy will focus on customer acquisition and what to do about projects that are already on the books and may be stalled.

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Lessons Learned in Hiring Advice from a Corporate Recruiter

Construction Leadership Network member Leroy Hamm has seen it all in his career as an illustrious Corporate Recruiter in the Construction Industry. As companies grow and business pushes forward, he wants you to keep a few people in mind when you are vetting new recruits: their friends. Taking the time to connect with provided references can shed a whole new light on your potential new hire… and foretell future troubles. It’s worth the effort to gather references.  
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Gathering References – The Weakest Link
By Leroy Hamm

The goal of using a hiring system is to gather information. Yet, one piece that I see neglected the most often is the use of references in researching the past performance of the applicant.

In my years as a corporate recruiter, I found that the feedback I received from references not only added additional light on the performance of the applicant, but in some cases, was directly the opposite of the impression I got in the interview.

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Managing your Construction Team Remotely? We want to help!

The Construction Leadership Network and Bullock Training Present:

Building and Managing with Technology, a 4-part video series
Tools for Success in a Virtual Business Environment

Friends, we want to help. We know that large or small, your organization is grappling with determining the best course of action to protect your customers — and employees — while maintaining the semblance of business as usual.

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LIVE Free Virtual Series to Help You Grow Your Business

LIVE Free Virtual Series to Help You Grow Your Business
Presented by:
Tracy Bullock
Sandler Training President, Business Development | Sales, Management, & Leadership Trainer | Speaker

The program is designed to give Executive, Sales and Business Development Professionals actionable steps that include building and sustaining customer relationships, asking the right questions to make sure you are not wasting time chasing a bad fit, and closing the sale so that not only are client expectations met, but you walk away with referrals for future business. These weekly sessions utilize both facilitator-led as well as peer group discussions to allow participants the opportunity to share their individual experiences and tailor the training to their specific goals.
Don’t miss out on these impactful professional 
development opportunities!
Sponsored by Bullock Training, Sandler & the Construction Leadership Network

The Series: 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm Eastern Time

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How to Market Your Construction Company During a Crisis

How to Market Your Construction Company During a Crisis
Written by Lorraine Cline, CLN Steering Committee Member

In my 32-year career as a construction marketing specialist, I have never come across a more challenging time to market than right now. As the entire world is preoccupied with fear, social distancing, and sheltering-in-place, we still need to do everything we can to save our businesses, protect our employees’ jobs, and preserve the work we have already secured.

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Set up your team for remote work

With many of our member firms working through how best to keep teams connected when staff are in the field and office staff are working remotely, we’ve been asked for recommendations for staying productive and on task. Here are some best practices for fostering collaboration when your teams find themselves working remotely.

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Making Relationships Matter with Q2

So, most of you may not consider yourself a professional service; yet let’s examine this. As a contractor, you know your clients’ budget, their desires and their time line. This is identical to an architect, an accountant and a lawyer; the types of professions we typically describe as professional services.

Growing a professional services business is directly connected to growing and expanding a profitable client base and spending time in Quadrant 2 is one of the paths to success.

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Hot damn Houston! The largest city in Texas welcomes CLN.

For one weekend in January, hundreds of construction professionals will descend on the city of Houston, TX for the Construction Leadership Network 2020 Conference. You can’t miss this.

And while there’s so much to look forward to: the peer-to-peer networking, the learning opportunities, the roster of top-notch speakers and sponsors — Houston is calling us.

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Let’s tailor your experience at CLN!


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On football, being uncommon, learning from legends.

Merril Hoge

Life Lessons from Merril Hoge, Keynote Speaker at the Construction Leadership Network Conference 2020

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